Bible Translation

Kiché Project

Project Director: Martin Tulul

Thank God that he allows us to work in his work, during these years we have seen how the word of God in our mother tongue has impacted lives. That is why we saw the need in our community to make a translation of the word of God into our mother tongue. We have received testimony from families impacted by the word of God in our language, which encourages us to continue working so that our Kiché-speaking people have a bible in our language because our God speaks the language of the soul.

Tz'utujil Project

Project Director: Francisco David Esquina

One of the men from the community says the following when he first heard the word of God translated into our own Tz’utujil language: “Now I understand what God wants, God comes close to me and speaks to me in my own language, that it’s amazing. It fills me with faith ”. Because of testimonies like these, it is very important that the word of God reaches our people, it is a sample of the love of God himself and love for others, it will give purpose to each life, it will open the eyes and the understanding of each one so that see and receive the blessing of the creator God.

Awakateka Project

Project Director: Manuel Enrique Chávez Mendoza

The Aguacateca-speaking community has been blessed to have the NT translated into the native language since 1974 and the Aguacateca church has been using the current translation for the glory of God. In 2009 AECM began to translate the OT into Avocado, the church has been praying and waiting for the translation to have the 66 books translated into the mother tongue, the churches are organized and thanks to the translation there is an understanding of God’s grace, shown In Jesus Christ, it is recognized that there is much to do in the field of reading and writing, where the church little by little is understanding to share the gospel with young people and children and adults who have not been able to learn to read because they did not have the facility in the past to go to an educational house, that’s why we believe that translation will make it possible. Thank you for being part of this great vision that is born from the heart of God to regenerate fallen humanity.

IXI, Nebaj Quiche Project

Project Director: Felipe Chel Santiago

As translators, we have been working on the translation for more than ten years, as we have seen the impact that the word of God has had in the lives of many people who have had the opportunity to hear the word of God in the Ixil language in the media. That is why we continue working until we finish translating the Bible completely and that the brothers have the Bible in their hands as well as the people who have not received Christ as their Savior.

Jakalteka Project

Leticia Maribel Silvestre M

(Photo of the person-assistant)

Project Director: Josefa Imelda Miguel Silvestre

One day we decided to no longer post anything on social media because it seemed that no one was reading the translation, it was just a waste of time. But a week later, a man called us and exhorted us: “Why don’t you post the Bible verses on Facebook anymore? Keep posting because one day I was so depressed and desperate and when I entered social networks, the first thing I saw was a verse in my own language that had a great impact on me, which talks about trusting only in God and not in ourselves ”. From that day on, we began again to publish the biblical verses that we believe are of great impact on our community.

Pokomchí Project

Project Director: Esteban Oswaldo Lem MÓ

Thank you God allows us to be part of this ministry of biblical translation in the language of the soul POQOMCHI, there are great testimonies of men, women, and young people of how the word of God is having an effect in each life, that is why we are well encouraged to continue working in this ministry. To God, we give all the honor and glory forever.

MAM Project

Byron Temaj

Mam Team Edition Reviewer

Project Director: Samuel Jiménez Guzmán

Achi Project

The two women in the middle: Esther and Persida
Editing Reviewers Achi

Project Director: Elías Xitumul Hernández

After a man read a good part of the book of Deuteronomy, by the way, a religious leader of a group, but had not read the Scriptures, said this when he understood the message of the book he read, he came to my house and I He said: “Elias, when you read the Word of God in your own language, it is as if Jesus personally is speaking to you, or speaking face to face with Him. It is really wonderful to read and understand the Word in the language of our heart. ”. And there are other testimonies that encourage us to complete this great work that God has entrusted to us.