How Education is Impacting Communities

When Edwin and Leah Montufar moved into their little yellow house in San Miguel Escobar, they began praying for God to open the door for them to really get-to-know the neighbors. What better way to make disciples than to start next-door? In October of 2019 they began using their living room to teach English classes to the community, and wow, what they imagined would only be a small, part-time commitment has turned into an INCREDIBLE ministry opportunity.

Edwin and Leah spend most of their time serving the children in the community, and although it wasn’t their original design or plan, because of several requests, they were able to open a section of English classes specifically for working adults and parents. As of right now, they have a grand total of 50 students, ranging from ages 6 to 50.


It is culturally normative that parents in rural Guatemala are not typically very involved in their children’s education. However, through these classes, Leah and Edwin are equipping whole families (siblings, mothers, and fathers) to learn together, practice together, and GROW together.

The most moving part of this ministry is not only that Edwin and Leah are able to directly impact the lives and futures of their students by empowering them with a second language—they also have a unique and special opportunity to reach entire families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God is forming beautiful relationships with an eternal purpose, and this is just the beginning!


To learn more or support Edwin and Leah’s ministry, visit their personal page under the missionaries tab on the IMN website.

Edwin & Leah Montufar