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My Ministry

I have a passion for public health, and my ministry this year will be focused on developing a culturally and socially mindful public health curriculum that our missionaries can implement in the communities in which they serve. There is a diverse and rich culture in Guatemala, which varies greatly by region, and it is my desire to create a curriculum that can effectively communicate vital health information to communities in a way that can be easily understood and personally implemented.

In addition to the development of a public health curriculum, I will be developing a gap year program for young adults to help them acclimate to life on the mission field, and explore the plethora of ways one can minister to communities in Guatemala. This program will include discipleship training, cultural sensitivity training, and a mobile itinerary that allows participants to experience the cultural and social diversity of several different regions of the country.

Where I Serve

I will be spending my first month in Guatemala serving in the city of Antigua, after which I will be working for a month with an organization called Love Guatemala. Future locations will include Belize, Peru, Mission El Faro, and Chichicastenango. Due to the nature of my ministry efforts, the amount of time I spend in each location and what I will be doing there is subject to change. I am very excited to see where my ministry leads this year!

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