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My Three Main Ministries and Their Impact

English classes in the local school (preschool to third grade)
I am a volunteer teacher at the local school who goes in and teaches English. I also use my classes and the activities we do each week to promote critical and creative thinking as we learn.

Math tutoring
Multiple students have repeated a grade because they don’t know the basics of math or they struggle with math a little more than other students. I am able to help them master the basics so that as they move forward in math they have a good foundation to build upon.

Kids’ Bible Club
Every Sunday we have bible club with the kids in the communities of Punta de Palma and Santa Maria. We facilitate ways for the kids to connect with God on a personal level as they get to know his word on a deeper level.

How the Gospel is Shared Through My Ministries

In each of my ministries I am able to connect with the kids in the communities on a deeper level and share the love of God with them. I am grateful to have the freedom and opportunity to share the Gospel and God’s Word in each of my classes as I do often. I am also involved in my students’ lives outside of the classroom, preaching the Gospel through prayer and action, while helping meet physical and spiritual needs of my students and their families when I can. I hope that in everything I do Christ shines brighter than I do and that His love and good news is communicated.

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