Missionary House

Principles and Values

We are a ministry looking forward to support youth and women in the village Punta de Palma, with different activities, sustainable projects and spiritual support.


To be a place where the people in need can find God’s love for their lives and be able to equip with tool for a better life.


To see a significant change in the community with activities that allow a better level of life quality and with a change in their spiritual change with God’s love and the Father’s guidance in each project that is developed.

Initial project

1. Property acquisition:

We already have a property of 3,354 square meters, in the village of Punta de Palma.

2. Missionary House Building:

  1. Currently, we’ve started the building project for the missionary house for which we’ve planned a schedule with activities and current situation:
    1. Cleaning the property: We already have the area where we’ll be building the missionary house which has a surface of about 90 square meters.
    2. Retaining wall building: It’s in process and will be finished on the first week of July. This phase has been possible thanks to the support of donors and volunteer teams who have visited and helped our community.
    3. Building construction: This phase is being developed en different phases which are:
      1. We contacted an organization called “Habitat para la Humanidad” where we found the support for the main building which is about 56 square meters. This phase building will start on the second week of July.
      2. Extension building phase for the project support area: we’re planning an extension building that will work as an area to attend projects and a missionary room for guests or missionaries.
      3. Perimeter walls building phase: we are still planning this phase, we don’t have the required financial resources yet for this.

3. Project economic estimation:

  1. Total cost of the project: Q.100,000.00 // $13,333.00
    1. From the total cost, 50% correspond to the depreciation amount for “Fundación Habitat” within 8 years.

4. Current needs for the project:

  1. From the 50 % that corresponds to extensions and other project improvements, it increases to $6,666.00 (Q50,000.00) taking in mind that we have some material donations and other contributions of $3,166.00 (Q23,750.00) which leave us with an exact need of $3,500.00 (Q26,250.00). This cost includes the payment of workers labor force that is 70% of this total.

5. Reaching for donors:

this is a faith project that was born with the only purpose of being a ministry that serves those in need and seek souls for the Kingdom of God. That’s why we want to share this project with you and invite you to join us and in a near future, work together.

6. Building implementation estimation:

The estimated time that we have to develop this project it’s from about 8 weeks, starting the second week of July of this year.

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“In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: It is more blessed to give than to receive.” -Acts 20:35 NIV

God Bless You
-Samuel & Alicia Aguilar