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Name: Mayra Durán Age: 24  Education: Psychology  Occupation: Children’s Missionary in El Faro Mission, Guatemala Mayra Duran shares that living and working in El Faro have been one of the best adventures of her life. Since the age of 11, when she came to know Christ, she began serving God by teaching Sunday school at her church. Growing and serving, she developed a passion for working with children.  When the time came to choose a college career, it was clear that what she wanted to study was psychology. During her college years, she had the privilege of teaching in a Bible school in El Faro, and she fell in love with the project. Then, she started collaborating with the children’s club that took place every Sunday. “Every weekend was a different adventure; and what always motivated me to continue as a volunteer in the club was the sharing of God’s love with the children every Sunday.” After graduating as a psychologist, Mayra decided to come and live in El Faro, and she started a Special Education project for children and adolescents with special needs, including Margoth and Evelyn. She says, “I am so sure that in God’s heart is the desire to reach these children and their families.”

This is part of all the wonderful things that are happening at El Faro and yes…! I have the privilege to be part of these ministries:

  • Special Education program
  • Vision: Lead children with special needs to develop an independent life by teaching them how to fulfill their own basic needs.
  • Mission: Use the tool of education as the way they can experience the love of God.
  • Students:
  • Deaf: Selvin and Evelin come three times a week to learn sign language, read, write, computer and Bible class.
  • Cerebral palsy: twice a week Melvin and Karlita (both with CP) receive physical therapy to development their gross
  • Motor skills. Three times a week Margoth receives classes and she is learning to communicate using PECS (picture exchange communication system).
  • Kids Club
  • Vision: Establish bible clubs to share the word of God to the children so they may grow in wisdom, grace and knowledge, making a change in their way of thinking and living.
  • Mission: To bless other ministries with material, trainings, and ideas, so they can continue working with the kids according to their needs.
  • How many kids clubs are there? There are 9 different kids club around El Faro that means that once a week around 350 kids are receiving their Bible lessons.
  • Library
  • Vision: Reach a comprehensive education in children and teenagers providing tools and resources as support to their assignments.
  • Mission: That the kids develop their skills with the tools and resources we provide.
  • How does the library work? Every day the library opens for those children and youth from the village that need help to do their homework. They also get the chance to read a book, do puzzles and play different games that help them to develop their cognitive skills.


  • For the education in Guatemala.
  • For resources for the children with special needs in the village.
  • For teacher, ministries or churches that would like to work with a Bible kids club.

email address:


Mailing Address:   IMN  6697 Federal Ave. Portage Indiana 46368

You may write a note with my name on it: Mayra Duran. You will also be receiving a tax deductible receipt at the end of the year.

Every Life Is Beautiful…

Evelyn, now 12 years old, was born deaf. When she was younger, her parents took her to a place where hearing aids were being donated. However, as Evelyn grew, the hearing aide no longer suitable for her size or her needs. She always wanted to go to school, but was not allowed to attend because of her physical condition.In 2012, her family moved to Punta de Palma, where  she was allowed to attend a local school. Even still, because of her deafness, she was unable to communicate. This means that she was neither able to understand language nor to be understood.  But thanks to the special education program at El Faro, she is now learning to speak in sign language. This will allow her to study and have the same opportunities as every other student in town. How sweetly the does the melody of hope ring, even in Evelyn’s ear!

Margoth is a living miracle! She is 15 years old and lives in a town called Santa María. At 7 months, she became a victim of a disease called meningitis  which resulted in her brain damage. She also suffered from epilepsy, leukemia, and other health complications. When the doctors detected her leukemia, they diagnosed that she would not survive. But one day at church, God healed her from her disease. Thanks be to God for her life and because this year we can celebrate her 15th birthday!  Due to health complications, she was never able to attend any school. However, the special education program at El Faro facilitates special classes for her, and in this way she can learn something new every day.

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