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One Clean Drop At A Time

El Faro, located on the Eastern coast of Guatemala has lots of access to water. We have the salty Atlantic Ocean in front and we also have various small rivers that run through the villages that we work in. By Guatemalan standards we are lucky because we have access to some source of water. However, what many people look over is the fact that many of the sources are unclean and dangerous.

One of the new projects that we initiated in 2012 was the education and installation of water filters in the villages around El Faro. Keith Brutout, our US ambassador and group coordinator, is a man of many talents and gifts. He researched and found a filter made by Sawyer that is easy for US groups to set up and install in the villages.

Each filter systems costs $300 including the stand and four filters.

The filters last ten years for a total of 1 million gallons of water.

We see the need and we want to respond with more filters!



Miguel and Laura Gonzalez are Guatemalan missionaries in the town of Livingston, 15 minute boat ride from El Faro. Keith took a team in early February to install a filter at their home where they host Bible studies and a number of activities throughout the week. There house is always full of people! The filter has been a huge blessing to them providing an opportunity to meat the needs physically and spiritually. They are able to educate their neighbors and friends on the importance of clean water and impact it can have on their own community. Now they have people come to fill their own bottles up of clean water to take home to their families.

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We see the need and we want to respond with more Water Filters!

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Donate for the Water Project

 We see the need and we want to respond with more water filters!