Samuel Aguilar

Samuel Aguilar

Lab Computer

Son of Christian parents and graduated from a school where within its principles is to bring the word of god to the whole world and to be able to bring missionaries where they need it

Since the year 1987 which was when i was an expert witness gradué counter instututo evangélico América latina of the capital city of Guatemala i was able to get to know what is the work of missions and power at the end of this year make a promise to god that you serviría full-time.

This promise during 25 years not the cumplí but god marked the day where i might have to be complied with and a series of events were those who god used to remind me what you promised homecoming.

6 years ago was born in my heart the desire to be able to open an academy for computing where we can give this type of knowledge to those who do not have the economic resources to pay these studies.

During this time and to be specific in the year 2011 i tried to start the project but all the doors closed, without any doubt was not god’s time and still not focused on the homecoming project where god wanted.

It was in the year 2012 where i have the first approach with the christian mission specific lighthouse in collaborating with the evangelistic crusade that the romanian church of chicago conducted in santo tomás de castilla, izabal where carry out the role of liaison between mission the headlight and the local pastors.

Already finished the day and in a conversation with David Vasquez director in the ministry I exteriorizarle this concern and was in a specific october 24 where we pray to god and I surrender to him this project

What was the surprise that in a day of surgery in Puerto Barrios Izabal which comes the first response of god where the Company Perenco of Guatemala offers the first batch of 10 computers for him until then project.

With this donation and with the support of the Mision El Faro we began work on April 1 of the year 2013 with 167 students enrolled that venían for more than 5 nearby communities to mission the headlight.

God has been faithful because also we began the proceedings to give legality to the operation of the academy before the education authorities in Guatemala and the 12 of September of the year 2013 we were granted the license to operate and the most astonishing that this processing takes in ordinary time of 3 to 12 months and more, but god did it in 14 days.

Our purpose at the Academy of Mecanografía computing and mission the Lighthouse is not only bring knowledge to children and young people but take this opportunity to be able to speak to you of God and that if there is a solution to their problems.

It is for this reason that day to day we ask the steering to god our lord to be light in the midst of so much need

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Samuel Aguilar

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