The main goal of the mission trip

is to build relationships with the native people groups.


to support the resident missionaries in their vital work.

Mission trips with IMN are designed around the talents and giftedness of your group.

Personal attention is important so that visiting missionaries can be used to their greatest advantage.

IMN Mission Trips

Independent Missionary Network (IMN) hosts mission trips to Guatemala. The destination is Mision El Faro on Guatemala’s east coast on the Atlantic Ocean. The mission reaches out to the Mayan Quiché villages surrounding the mission and the Garifuna community in nearby Livingston.

Who Can Go?

IMN hosts a wide variety of groups. Church groups, youth, school groups, seniors, sports teams, music groups, school Spanish classes, medical teams, construction teams. The possibilities are endless. If you have a physical or spiritual contribution you can make to either of these people groups you can go!

Where We Go?

Guatemala is located just south of Mexico in Central America. Many number of people groups and languages are found there. The main language is Spanish and is taught in most schools. Guatemala is easily reached by air from any destination in the United States. A flight into San Pedro Sula, Honduras and then a two hour bus ride followed by a 20 minute boat ride will bring you to El Faro’s dock.

Take a look of our recent Mission Trips

Indiana Wesleyan University 2017

Nursing Seniors at Indiana Wesleyan University serving and at the same way putting their knowledge into practice in another culture here in Guatemala.

Redeemer Church 2017

El Faro and IMN in collaboration with 160 people from Redeemer Church working together to pour over 50 concrete floors in houses at villages around Punta de Palma in 6 days.

Dentral Trip – Lemoa Guatemala

How can we say Thank You! for your prayers, your donations, and your love for the children of Lemoa? Let us try by sharing with you some pictures that say it all. Your gift donation turned a need into reality, and we are grateful you answered the call. But more...

Redeemers 2016

I want see more! Take a look of our recent actions in the Kingdom

Wheaton Academy 2015

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Valley Chapel 2014

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True North Medical

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