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My Ministry

I have been working for the past two years on a Kids Club in the community where I grew up. We began this club in the church I attended when I was a child. We served about a dozen children when we started, but now we serve about fifty of sixty children every Saturday. We are working with the children to teach them the stories of the Bible. By teaching the stories of the Bible we are educating the children to be respectful to their parents, to be good neighbors, and to love God.

It is good to talk and teach about God, but we also think it is important to show God’s love in action. Because of this, we also help to build houses in different communities and install clean wood burning stoves that have been donated. We donate to our community ourselves, and we help connect people with the community to give because we know the people that have immediate needs. When things are given to us, we often pass them on to others as Matthew 6:3 says, “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

Where I Serve

I serve in Alotenango, Guatemala where I run a Kids Club every Saturday afternoon where my sons and I teach the children in the community about the Bible. I live in Santiago Zamora, Guatemala where my family and I serve our neighbors and try to be an example of Jesus to others.

How We Make Disciples

As the roots of our ministry grow in different communities it allows us to reach different parts of our town with the message of God. I know that my ministry is first to my family, but that it is also important to reach outside of the community. The ministry has been a big blessing because God put it on our hearts to do this work. My family is speaking and practicing what we learn, and I believe this is very important. We pray for the missionaries because Guatemala is a poor country. We pray that the missionaries would have the help, resources, and training they need to reach the people who don’t yet know God.

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