Joyfully honor God through Christian hospitality

History of El Faro

In 1999, Phil and Nikki Ephraim went to Guatemala for the first time with their daughters to visit friends they had met back home in Chicago. It was on this trip that they were able to travel and see all of this beautiful country and they couldn’t help but fall in love with Guatemala. In 2001 Phil received a phone call from a friend saying that there was a beautiful piece of land for sale on the Atlantic Ocean on the Eastern Side of Guatemala. It was on that fateful day that Phil bought that piece of land by faith without ever being there or seeing a picture of it. Phil and Nikki were not sure what the purpose of El Faro was going to be, but they knew that they wanted it to be accessible by boat so they built a dock. They knew if people came, there would need to be a kitchen. And just like that, every time they built, more people and groups would come. El Faro has been up and running as a foundation serving as a place for camps, retreats, and community outreach programs place now since 2003.

El Faro Values

Joyfully honor God through Christian hospitality.
Graciously serve our guests at a level that exceeds expectations.
Consistently produce an affordable conference/retreat experience of great quality.
Cheerfully provide a place where relationships are initiated, restored, renewed, and reconnected.

The Lighthouse is located on 56 acres of land situated on the Amatique Bay in the Caribbean Sea at the village Punta de Palma, Izabal, Guatemala.

Length of trip By Bus: 5 and a half hours.

From Guatemala City take route C1 to Puerto Barrios, continue to Santo Tomás. There starts a 14km of unpaved road that takes you to Las Escobas, you will pass by the Green Bay Hotel. Continue on the route to Punta de Palma pass the intersection of “Playa Publica” (public beach area) and keep going straight for about 10 minutes. The Lighthouse “El Faro” will be to your right.

Note: 14 Kms. of unpaved road from Santo Tomas to the Lighthouse.

By Land and then by Boat: 5 hours.

From Guatemala City to Puerto Barrios by land. In Puerto Barrios go to the Muelle Municipal and board a boat to The Lighthouse (El Faro).

Note: 10 minutes by boat from Muelle Municipal to The Lighthouse.

Fare is approximately 35 quetzales.

More information:

Missionary House

“Refugio De Odeth” (Odeth’s Shelter)

Punta De Palma, Izabal


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