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How priceless is a child's sincere smile!

It is contagious and comes from deep within!

On October 25 and 26, IMN will be giving the gift of healthy smiles to about 100 students at Escuela Pura Vida in Lemoa, Quiché.
This Mayan area in the highlands of Guatemala does not have reliable access to affordable dental services.
IMN dentist Dennis Ruano and 3 others will be donating their time and talents to this free clinic and they are asking for your help.
Will you pray about providing the funds to help a child have a healthy smile?
Any amount will help, but the per child supplies cost $30.

Your tax deductible check can be made out to
Independent Missionary Network
6697 Federal Ave. Portage, IN 46368
Please put “Lemoa Dental 2016” in the memo

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We exist to help Missionaries develop relationships
that make Christ known,
demonstrate the Love of God
and bring the Gospel to all people groups.

Mission trips with IMN

are designed around the talents and giftedness of your group.

Personal attention is important so that visiting missionaries can be used to their greatest advantage.

The main goal of our mission trips

is to build relationships with the native people groups.

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IMN Mission Trips

Independent Missionary Network (IMN) hosts mission trips to Guatemala. The destination is Mision El Faro on Guatemala’s east coast on the Atlantic Ocean. The mission reaches out to the Mayan Quiché villages surrounding the mission and the Garifuna community in nearby Livingston.

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