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Kevin Xicay García

Not even the powers of hell can separate us from the love of God.

My name is Kevin Ronaldo My father was not a believer. As I grew up, God guided me in the purpose he had for my life. He showed me his love for less fortunate people, homeless people, and those with limited resources. He taught me to see them as he sees them. and above all, how to love them through service, praying for them by sharing the word of God, bringing a bag of food, a candy, or simply a hug. I have two older brothers and a younger sister, and of them, I am the one who always stayed closest to God.

When I was little, I saw how all my friends from the church and in other ministries served in different areas, which motivated me to look for my place in God’s plans; unfortunately, all of that was interrupted by identity problems and loneliness that I suffered, since My father did not show any affection towards me, but he did towards my other brothers and my younger sister. During my adolescence I maintained a positive attitude towards my friends, but at night I felt that my life had no meaning, after that I began to have health problems which complicated everything. At 17 years old I decided that I no longer wanted to follow Jesus and I began to live as I believed I would be happiest, this meant drinking alcohol and taking drugs. This decision lasted approximately a year, but during all that time, God never stopped calling me to return to Him. It was in a youth service where Jesus marked my heart forever, that night He showed me how I returned to the arms of the Lord. father like the prodigal son did in the bible. After that I decided that my life belonged to him and that I would do anything to serve him. This marked a new stage in my life, I began to look for how my life fit into his perfect plan.

At 18 years old, after some time when I tried various things such as learning to play an instrument and children’s ministry, among other things, the Lord revealed himself to my life, showing me that my path and calling was with people in vulnerable situations. I clearly remember how the Lord answered my prayer, saying: “I have called you to serve the needy, the poor, the alcoholic people, those who are hopeless in a hospital.” After understanding that, one Sunday morning, I took a basket of bread and a thermos of coffee and went to visit a group of homeless people who lived on a specific street; I was able to share the word of God with them sometime later I began to visit the nearest hospital, on Saturday afternoons I took a bus and with With my Bible and candy, I entered the hospital to talk about Jesus with some patients, I prayed and listened to them and then I shared some verses with them.

Now, everything looked better since I had found salvation in Jesus, and he guided me in what he wanted me to do. But not everything was resolved since there were still many problems in my family, my father still did not believe in God and my mother and my siblings were not as constant in praying or attending church. I knew God was in control of the situation, but it was still discouraging. From the age of 18 to 22, I struggled with not having the support of my family in my decision to follow Jesus. I remember going to church alone, and when they prayed for families, I had no one to pray with. That was hard, but I never lost faith that God could reach my entire family. And one day it happened, I still don’t quite understand how, but God used my life to impact the hearts of my family, one by one they truly gave their lives to Christ, starting with my father and mother, then it was my sister and then my second brother. older man along with his wife, also me, an aunt, and her son were reached by the love of Jesus

Sometime later, while all this was happening, God called me to serve in a ministry called Worship Room in the social outreach area called Hope; parallel to that, I also began to serve in a home where I took care of 5 almost teenage children, when I started in That job was not a great challenge for me, since I had no experience, my tasks consisted of going with them to church, reading the Bible together, cooking for them, helping them with their schoolwork, seeing that they bathed and also listen to them when they were sad, angry or afraid. During that time, the Lord was in charge of refining several areas in my life, such as patience, empathy, learning to cook, and my responsibility, among other things.

In January 2023, I made my first missionary trip to the Department of Quiché in Guatemala; we were in the municipality of Nebaj; the trip lasted a week, my expectation about that trip was to have a better overview of the indigenous peoples of Guatemala, but the Lord I had totally different plans, during that week God confirmed that my calling was not with the indigenous peoples. Still, in the Middle East, specifically in the country of Egypt. God was in charge of marking a deep love for the unreached people of the Arab communities through a missionary family in that country and my friends who had already made trips to the Middle East, I began a process to take my first steps towards what God I reveal myself.

After 2 and a half years, the Lord spoke into my life in May 2023, telling me that it was time to leave my job and that I should focus on serving in HOPE full-time and begin focusing on my calling mid-term. East. It was a very painful decision, but in December 2023, I left my job to be a full-time missionary and serve in my community. I currently serve in Hope, the social outreach area of Worship Room, where our primary focus is discipling new generations in the knowledge of God’s word, including giving them a better insight into the great commission and missions. global.

I also continue to take more steps towards God’s call to the Middle East. I am training myself to share the gospel in Muslim communities. This represents an enormous challenge for me due to the language, culture, and economic resources, but I faithfully trust that He will be with me every day, training me and teaching me His will.


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