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My Ministry

Grafable was created to be a communication bridge, helping missionaries to share with the world about what God is doing in their ministries.

The MAIN GOAL is sharing with family, friends, and partner ministries, about the ministry missionaries, are leading. Through newsletters, writing updates, sharing stories, and testimonies, I help others to write about their own letter.

Grafable comes from the greek word Grafos – γράφω – that means “to write or express in written characters”. And from the adjectival suffix – able- that means “capable of”.

“You are as a letter from Christ written by us. You are not written as other letters are written with ink, or on pieces of stone. You are written in human hearts by the Spirit of the living God.” 

2 Corinthians 3:3

The “Why” Behind It

Grafable is a way to write in human hearts what God is doing in our lives. Through newsletters, writing updates, sharing stories and testimonies … we must write about our own letter.


Where I Serve

  • Grafable: I help writing, designing and translating newsletters/stories for missionaries and non-profits. (https://grafable.com/)
  • Others: I’ve been working with other missionaries helping in their ministry in Guatemala and Peru.

How We Make Disciples

– Bible small group for girls at my home church.

– Keeping in touch with missionaries I’ve been meeting in mission trips.

– Using Social Media to create content with a purpose.


Our Newsletters

Check out my latest newsletter here: