Learn More About Pable and Naomi Lopez

My Ministry

I am a part of a lot of different areas of the ministry I work in. I work in an organization called Love Guatemala. It is located in Magdalena Milpas Altas, Guatemala. It is a vocational school that teaches English, Cooking, Carpentry, and more. I have the privilege of being a part of many different jobs there. I work in the English school, practicing with the students so that they can improve on their pronunciation.

I also work in the clinic a couple days a week to see patients and to help teach a healthy pregnancy class. I also work with the feeding center to weigh and measure the height of all the kids. Our goal is to have them steadily gain weight each week. Along with that, we have recently started a devotional with the moms of the children that come to the feeding center.

Another thing that I am able to do is work in the office. So with that, I translate as well as help work with the program to help students get sponsored. It is great to be able to read all their stories and try to help them receive sponsorship to continue their studies.

How the Gospel is Shared Through My Ministries

I am really happy being able to work here because I am able to disciple through a variety of things such as the Bible study that I do as well as encouraging the students at the devotionals that they have here. In addition to that, I love being able to see the kids at the feeding learn about God and being able to show them the love of Jesus. It has

Where I Serve

A cool thing that I am able to do as well is work with teams that come to Love Guatemala. They are able to visit the houses of students, do construction projects, and help out with the classes here. I really like that part of my job because I can work with a lot of different projects.

I am really happy being able to work here and I am excited to be able to see what God has for me in the future!