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Ecocina Stoves

Why Ecocina Stoves?

  • Reduce burns, respiratory, eye and skin problems, Reduce emissions and particulate matter by 70%
  • Are built from all local materials such as concrete, pumice and low-fired tile.
  • Are low cost with an average sale price of $65.00 to $75.00
  • Are built and distributed in Central America.
  • Are widely accepted and are adapted to local cooking methods.

Safety: 4 million reported burns annually

Four million women and children suffer painful and depilating burns from their cooking fires. Smoke from indoor cooking fires is the cause of death of children under age five. It kills eight times as many

Environment: One billion tons of GHGs emitted each year

500 million cook fires emit nearly one million tons of greenhouse gases causes massive deforestation each year.

Poverty: 20 hours a week is spent collecting firewood

An average man, woman or child spends 20 hours each week gathering wood. Wood collection takes valuable time that could be spent at work or school.

IMN is pleased to partner with Stove Team International. Stove Team International has invested in extensive field studies of the Ecocina and Ecoplancha III stoves to ensure they are installing the most efficient and safe clean wood burning stoves in family homes across Guatemala.


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