Rohiya Foundation


Rohi-Love Ministry is outgrowing its current residence. It is time to stop paying rent and invest in a permanent residence for the orphanage and children’s outreach ministry. To begin this process, we need to buy land.

Rohi-Love has been an active organization in Ghana since 2018, starting small and growing by the grace of God every day. We serve to empower children with basic needs, education, and the knowledge and understanding of the love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We have an active children’s ministry with a monthly Reading Club, bi-weekly Good News Club, weekly homework help, and classes for children who do not attend school. We host two Feed the Children events at Christmas and Easter to serve children in need of a hot meal and share the love of God. We are preparing to grow into a fully equipped orphanage but we need more space to do this. As of now, our room only allows us to take in temporary orphans.

All funds from this fundraiser will be used specifically for land that we have already found in Ghana. We will use the funds for the purchase of one acre of land and the fees that accompany the purchase. We hope to purchase the land as soon as possible as we have it on hold for only a short amount of time.

We are blessed and excited about the next phase of our ministry! Thank you and God bless you for your donations, prayers, and good thoughts.

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