Fernando Misteco (Guatemala)

Fernando Misteco

My name is Fernando Misteco, and I am here to speak about my story. It is a story about life with the Holy Spirit. I accepted Christ when I was 15 years old when God touched my heart. I knew I needed to know Jesus more. When I came to know Jesus, my life changed. I didn’t know anything before Christ, and I had no purpose for my life, but after I met Christ I was without money and things, but I was very content in my heart. God gave me my wife, Rubida, soon after, and she had great faith. We were blessed with many children, and I knew it was my job to care for my children by teaching the Word of God in my family. I never attended school before GLOMOS pastoral training for eight months in 2019. I learned to read and write by watching a friend of mine who attended school do his homework when I was eleven years old. As I watched I learned the alphabet and how to read small words until I could read my Bible on my own. Without a diploma I couldn’t get a job. I didn’t want my children to go through the same struggles, so I have been faithful in helping my children get continuing education. God allowed me to give a huge advantage to my children. I watched my children grow up with opportunities for education and to know God, and I remembered my own childhood of growing up without the opportunity for education, and what it was like to live in poverty. God has blessed my family, so I talked to my wife and our children, and we decided to try to give other people and other families the same opportunities.

I am the father of my family of seven, and I share parts of the Bible, the Proverbs and other books, to instruct my children in the way to go so they don’t waver far from the way of God. The fruit of that scripture is what has made my family strong and good. I know the truth of the reality that fruit comes from the Bible. I take strength with my family because I believe God made my family for a purpose. I am working with my family, with my wife as my greatest support, and my children, to be an example of Jesus in our community. In the New Testament when Jesus saw His disciples, He knew them by their fruit. As there is fruit in my family, many people, the young children and the adults, want to know us and understand our faith because of our example in our community. This has become a good problem. The result is that people come to understand our life better, and that gives us an open door to help people and share the love and truth of God.  We are living a life of example that allows us to lead people to Christ.

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