Heidy Aguilar Memorial Scholarship Fund

Purpose: The purpose of the Heidy Aguilar Memorial Scholarship is to provide typing and computation education to children in the department of Izabal, Guatemala, so students may attain critical workplace skills that open doors for skilled employment opportunities that ultimately contribute to breaking the poverty cycle.

Who the Scholarship Supports: 55 students

Cost: $35 per month, per student

The Heidy Aguilar Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of Heidy Aguilar, daughter of IMN missionaries, Samuel and Alicia Aguilar. Heidy lost her battle with leukemia in October 2017 at the age of 33. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide resources for children in the communities in the department of Izabal, Guatemala to attend the Heidy Aguilar Typing and Computer Academy. This will allow these children to receive healthy Christian discipleship while being equipped with employable skills that will empower them to step into a brighter future filled with opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable.

The Aguilar family has been passionate about educating impoverished children in their community for many years. No member of their family embodied this desire quite like Heidy Aguilar. Throughout her life, Heidy possessed a great passion for service, and it was her dream to love and empower the children in her community, Puerto Barrios, in any way possible.

Her deep convictions and her very apparent love of God opened many doors that were seemingly closed to others, and Heidy made the most of those opportunities.

Heidy often went to the Puerto Barrios dump to visit with the children living there. She spent time providing food, playing, building relationships, and imparting the plan and purpose God had for these children’s lives—one that far exceeded their present living situation. Heidy also had a beautiful relationship with the orphanage in Puerto Barrios. While the orphanage doors were closed to many by strict visitor regulations, the orphanage leadership team witnessed the devotion in Heidy’s heart to love the children well, and made an exception, granting Heidy the privilege to visit any time.

Heidy was also passionate about sharing the love of Christ by serving alongside her father, Samuel, in the Computer Academy he established. The Aguilar family saw the critical need for computer education in their community, knowing it would allow students the opportunity to receive skilled positions with fair pay. Samuel, Heidy, and the rest of the family dedicated themselves to educating their students, making it possible for entire families to break out of the poverty cycle.

The areas surrounding the Aguilar community, Puerto Barrios, are some of the poorest in Guatemala. The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating, and these areas are in greater need of financial support than ever before. Many fathers in the community have had to seek work elsewhere in the country and, therefore only see their families a few days per month. Students who previously attended the Heidy Aguilar Typing and Computer Academy have been forced to withdraw before the completion of their studies because they do not have the resources to make a financial investment in their education during this season.

IMN is honoring Heidy’s dedicated service by continuing her legacy with the Heidy Aguilar Memorial Scholarship. The resources made available by the scholarship will fund 55 students with tuition of $25 per month, allowing them to attend the Heidy Aguilar Typing and Computer Academy. Your contribution will provide for supplies such as printer ink, teaching materials, hand sanitizer, and a small salary for the director and teaching assistant who are maintaining the school and investing in these incredible students.

Please partner with IMN today to honor the memory of Heidy Aguilar by giving a gift to open the doors of education!

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