See Jesus

About Us

seeJesus is a global discipling mission helping the church see and reflect the life, death, and resurrection of Christ through discipleship resources and training. We labor to rekindle within the church the central passions of Christianity: a love for Jesus, a desire to imitate him, and real, working communion with the Father.

How We Disciple

seeJesus creates discipleship tools and trains people in how to use them. From start to finish, our approach to discipleship is relational; we don’t just train people, we cultivate gospel friendships. Each of our tools—including our books, interactive Bible studies, and seminars—is designed to equip the church to boldly live as his ambassadors in the world today.

Why We Disciple

We do this work because we love Jesus and his bride, the church. The church is struggling to get her footing in a post-Christian world. We see an urgent need for the church to rediscover two treasures of the gospel, both of them facets of Jesus:

  • The Person of Jesus: Other than corporate worship, the church has not cultivated a love for the glowing center of our faith—the person of Jesus. The result? We don’t know what it means to be fully human. We have some skill at sin identification but little skill at Jesus imitation. seeJesus teaches the church Christ’s cadences: how he incarnates with people, how he depends on his heavenly Father, and how he balances truth and grace in relationships.
  • The Pattern of Jesus’ Life: The apostle Paul acknowledges something we rarely admit as a church: Jesus’ life takes a downward path into death before moving upward into resurrection. In fact, Paul’s writings frequently describe the normal Christian life as a re-enacting of the gospel, the death and resurrection of Jesus (see Phil. 1:29, 2:5-9, 3:10-11). If you think of it visually, you can trace the letter “J” in this pattern of dying and rising—a pattern we at seeJesus call “the J-Curve.”

Learn more about what makes seeJesus tick by reading our Statement of Faith (PDF) and/or our Theological Vision (PDF).

For more info about See Jesus in Central America, contact our missionary Debra Ramirez